All New Ambulance

Fully equipped Ambulance providing critical care mobile unit:

  • With Basic Life Support.
  • Fast response and quality care to increase a patient’s chances of recovery in the event of any emergency.
  • Transportation of patients from place of emergency or from another hospital to Africmed Hospital.
  • Transportation of patients from hospital to patient’s destination including ransportation of patients
  • from hospital to patient’s destination including to Senegal.
  • All Ambulances are equipped with the following:

  • used to deliver an electric shock to the chest in the event of a heart attack.
  • Ventilator – used to support breathing if a patient stops breathing on his/her own.
  • Orthopaedic Splints – used to manage any type of fracture.
  • Emergency life-saving drugs needed for critical situations.
  • What is unique about our emergency service?

    We have a fully-fledged emergency and trauma unit, manned 24 hours a day with trained and skilled doctors and nurses for all emergencies, including casualty. Our consultant doctors (specialists) are also on call 24 hours a day for emergency cases.