Africmed Clinical Services in collaboration with Jooko Cleft Association of Dakar under the auspices of smile train of USA and the ministry of health and social welfare through her Excellency first lady’s initiative “operation save the children foundation” would be conducting a free-of-charge surgery of cleft lip palate abnormality. The focuses and targets group are children but adults with such conditions would also be considered.


A cleft lip is an opening or split in the upper lip that occurs when developing facial structures in an unborn baby don't close completely. Cleft lip may be unilateral or bilateral. A baby with a cleft lip may also experience a cleft in the roof of the mouth (cleft palate).


A cleft palate is an opening or split in the roof of the mouth that occurs when the tissue doesn't fuse together during development in the womb. Cleft palate often includes a split (cleft) in the upper lip (cleft lip) but can occur without affecting the lip.

Registration for this free-of-charge surgery is closed, general public, Parents or guidance of these conditions are urged to visit or contact Africmed International Hospital.