Ambulance Services

We have a range of fully equipped ambulances which are available for transfer and intensive care services throughout The Gambia and beyond.

We offer a wide range of ambulance services (Emergency Responds); patients are transported with medical supervision in an appropriately equipped ambulance. In such cases, we always select the appropriate ambulance based on the requirements of the patient, thus ensuring consistent support during the patient referral process. Referring patient to or from (Hospitals & Clinics, Overseas, airports) is always carried out by our highly qualified emergency team who has long-standing experience in ambulance services. Our emergency team has many advantages, and ensures the smoothest journey and highest quality standards during all stages of your patient referral.

  • We offer 24/7 Ambulance Services
  • Consistent medical care for all our patients.
  • A patient’s travelling companions can stay with them.
  • Smooth Ambulance Service without waiting times or delays.
  • Qualified staff accompany patients to / from during referral.