Our Doctors

We are comprised of highly qualified doctors and staff with years of experience in our various specilizations.

  • Dr Jagn

    Dr. Omar Jagne

    CEO and Medical Director
  • Dr Coker

    Dr. Coker

    Snr. Medical Officer
  • Dr Bojang

    Dr. Bojang

    Snr. Medical Officer
  • Dr Bah

    Dr. Bah

    Snr. Medical Officer
  • Dr Marenah

    Dr. Marenah

    Gynecology Consultant
  • Dr Mathews

    Dr. Mathews

    Snr. Gynecology Consultant
  • Dr Solanki

    Dr. Solanki

    Prn. Surgical Consultant
  • Dr Robet

    Dr. Roberts

    Snr. Surgical Consultant
  • Dr. Mendy

    Dr. Mendy

    Medical Officer
  • Dr. Janneh

    Dr. Janneh

    Medical Officer
  • Dr. Oluwatosin

    Dr. Oluwatosin

    Medical Officer